Next Fill your car assistant

• fuel history and mpg analysis
• service book for repairs, costs, notes, etc.
• inteligent reminders
• and much more ...

Fuel tracking - fuel ups and mpg efficiency

* Everything about each fuel up - odometer, date, fuel type, quantity and price. Add notes and see how your statistics for trips, fuel efficiency and money change.

* Multifuels, hybrids and vehicles with alternative fuels supported.

* Missed or lost fuel ups supported. Fuel ups can be added at any time and order. Calculations automatically handle marked gaps in fuel history.

* Automated inteligent trip and fuel efficiency statistics. Both "full" and "partial" fills are supproted and calculated.

* Statistics area - contains up-to-date info and multiple numbers about the fuel records - total fuel spent, general fuel efficiency, total money for fuel and much more.

Costs & Notes - for repairs, expenses, notes, reminders and more

* Service history for different activities - oil, filter, fluid and other changes. Optional fields for service intervals for time and/or distance.

* Multiple types of expenses supported - repairs, tuning, toll taxes, fines, and many more.

* Simple notes for everything else - travel plans and information, car behavior, etc...

* Flexible reminders - important for service interval, insuarances, periodic activities and everything that is due by time and/or distance.

* Statistics area - automatically calculates expenses, groups by type, tells how much it costs to own and operate a vehicle.

You, community stats and privacy

* Explore brands and cars - see how different brands, models and types perform. What are their fuel efficencies, running costs and more.

* Compare your data - check if your fuel economy is better than the others, is your car serviced more than normal, etc...

* Use the badges and banners - show in forums your car live badge (it updates with each new fuel and expense record).

* Manage your data privacy - configure which parts of your data are publicly visible. You can always hide some or all of your records and stats from the outside world.